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FacilitationResource believes its approach to developing your and your organisation’s advocacy capacity is unique. Our trainers and facilitators have years of field and organisational experience. They will guide you through formal and informal approaches to learning. These include the development of independent learning journeys, bolstered by appropriate case studies, which will help you develop your own advocacy plan or proposal.

FacilitationResource understands how change occurs. Its experience of leading organized action to influence decision makers in some of the world’s most complex conflict and development environments sets it apart from other training organizations.

FacilitationResource offers a selection of courses and training. Our list of principal interventions serves as the basic building block for all training, facilitation and consultancies. Please select from the different options depending on organisational needs and available resources. We are happy to tailor our support to your needs.

Our Objectives

FacilitationResource products are designed for professionals, both practitioners and academics.

We serve practitioners and managers from the humanitarian, development and government sectors, particularly those with a strong motivation to learn, as well as postgraduates and university staff.

The ultimate goal is to help mobilise those whose voices cannot be readily heard and to support them to bring about institutional and social change.

Current and Recent Events

We currently work on the following projects:

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